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Hellen Dobbeleers

Consultant KTBA People in Food KTBA Belgium

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Brenda Kerkdijk

Consultant KTBA People in Food Netherlands

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Brenda Kerkdijk

Consultant People in Food


Social / pragmatic / enthusiastic / responsible / experienced


After a study in food technology and more than 20 years of experience at a large flavour company working in various quality assurance functions, I came in contact with KTBA in 2015. It was time for a change and I was looking for some new personal energy. That’s when I became a consultant at KTBA. Since making that change, I haven’t regretted one single day. It only keeps getting better due to the new challenges offered within KTBA.

I started as an interim consultant at KTBA, and worked my first year at a large company as interim quality manager. In the two years that I’ve been working at KTBA, I’ve worked on projects for several companies, for shorter or longer periods, as a QA manager or QA specialist. The most wonderful thing about my job is working with the products I buy for myself every week as a consumer. The real food technologist with a passion for good quality and a safe product has been rediscovered within myself.

KTBA has given me the opportunity to develop myself in the field of knowledge and skills, but also on a personal level. Soon I will be working as a trainer at KTBA. Sharing knowledge and experience is a very important aspect of my work, both as a consultant and later also as a trainer.
Actively coaching and supervising trainees and less experienced colleagues is also a new aspect within KTBA. Recently I became the mentor of 3 colleagues with the goal to bring the KTBA team to a high-quality level, to maintain that level, and as consultant to become mentally strong and resilient.

In addition to work, there is also time for fun activities organised by the Peevee, inspiring evening lectures and educative PIF days. My job as a consultant at KTBA is fun, diverse and challenging.

Hellen Dobbeleers

Consultant KTBA People in Food


Optimist / Determined / Passionate / Go-getter / Dreamer


Recently, I took a trip to South Africa. It was there that I realised not everyone is given the same chances and opportunities in life. The opportunities we are given should be grabbed by both horns, without hesitation. I always try to keep this idea in mind.

I had just graduated and wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do; that’s when I found KTBA. The past 3 years have been a rollercoaster of projects in which I have learned so much. About food safety, quality systems, HACCP, experience analysis, labelling and about myself. And the future has a lot more to offer, I’m sure of it. Recently, I became a member of the QA Online team and Risk plaza. I’m really looking forward to throwing myself into these 2 branches at KTBA. Here’s to gaining even more knowledge, opportunities and developing myself further.


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