Ron Besseling

CEO People in Food Group

Last Thursday, KTBA came very close to winning a prestigious entrepreneur’s award: the BOV trophy. BOV stands for ‘Beste Ondernemers Visie’ (Best Entrepreneurs’ Vision) and is awarded to companies that systematically grow at a rapid pace by means of a clear strategy and vision. This is called ‘Fast Forward’ and it’s a typical characteristic of our company. It involves responsible growth, because growth should not only be quantitative, but also qualitative.

During a thrilling finale in the Koepelhal in Tilburg, under the watchful eye of almost 700 Brabant entrepreneurs and interested parties, we were awarded second prize. We were a little disappointed but nevertheless very proud of our place on the podium, and we look back with satisfaction on the eventful time that lay behind us.

2017 was another extraordinary year in KTBA’s history. A year in which we were able to achieve substantial growth, but in which we also realised once more that you need to continue to manage your growth and maintain a clear focus on the market and on that at which you excel. Growth is a particularly difficult discipline in business, yet perhaps the most interesting. It never ends and when you think you have done a good job of it, the new reality catches up with you again. Let’s just say there’s never a dull moment!

During the recent years of continuous growth my team and I were very fortunate to be able to commend ourselves with amazing, skilled, pleasant and loyal colleagues around us. People on whom you can build and rely. People who firmly believe that every day we make the world a little more food secure. These are the people that have earned the place on the podium, and as the management we can only consider ourselves lucky devils to have the chance to work with these 200 stars every day.

Wishing you wonderful end-of-year festivities and a very successful 2018!



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