Successful start-up of Riskplaza Audit+ pilot by Riskplaza, Borgesius-Bakkersland and Ahold Delhaize.


Kaatsheuvel/Stadskanaal, 15th April 2017 – Borgesius Convenience recently passed the Riskplaza Audit+ as final producer. The Riskplaza Audit+ is an on-top audit that ensures 100% management of material hazards. Riskplaza Audit+ Certification is part of a pilot started by Borgesius in collaboration with Ahold Delhaize and Riskplaza. The purpose of this pilot is to get a better grip on food hazards in the chain.

Borgesius-Bakkersland is the first company within Borgesius Holding to become Riskplaza Audit+ certified. “This means Borgesius-Bakkersland places the responsibility in the chain where it belongs: with the suppliers of the raw materials,” Sjoerd Kanters, Director of Riskplaza, explains. Babette Weenink, head of quality assurance within Borgesius Holding, adds: “This year, Borgesius-Bakkersland’s five bakeries will be up for the Riskplaza Audit+. We also expect from our suppliers that they become Riskplaza Audit+ certified before 1st January 2018. Borgesius simply cannot afford to work with vendors who do not assure the safety of their raw materials.”
The Audit+ Certifications of Borgesius-Bakkersland and its suppliers are part of a Riskplaza Audit+ pilot by Ahold Delhaize. With this initiative, Ahold Delhaize is trying its utmost to manage the food hazard risks its consumers may be exposed to.

About Borgesius-Bakkersland
Borgesius-Bakkersland is the result of the merger of Borgesius Holding and Bakkersland BV that took place in 2016. Borgesius-Bakkersland is the leading supplier of bread, cakes and pastries, and other specialities to large retail chains in the Netherlands. Borgesius-Bakkersland has twenty modern bakeries in different locations throughout the country and employs more than 2000 people.

About Riskplaza
Riskplaza Europe supports manufacturers and retailers in the food industry with respect to the assurance of food safety of ingredients. Riskplaza Europe is a database of information about the food safety of ingredients. Linked to this is the Riskplaza Audit+ system. This allows Riskplaza to give the food chain a simple and transparent insight into the management of hazards associated with particular ingredients. Riskplaza Europe is part of the People in Food Holding. With 160 employees and subsidiaries KTBA and Quality Software Company, The People in Food Holding has 160 employees and is the largest service provider in the field of food safety in the Benelux.

For more information about Riskplaza, visit Riskplaza >

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