Ron Besseling

CEO People in Food

And then it was autumn in the Netherlands… The harsh wind and rain of recent days quickly wash away the wonderful memories of that awesome summer, symbolising instead the turmoil that has engulfed the world. Destructive tropical hurricanes, nuclear sabre-rattling, refugees, Brexit… Just a bite-sized portion of the news from around the world. Viewed in that light, daily concern about food safety seems to be unimportant or even inappropriate. Certainly when you consider the starving populations the world over, not knowing if they will have anything to eat that day. That said, making the world’s food safer is what drives us and the reason why we ‘people in food’ leap out of bed everyday to work towards delivering the best for hundreds of our customers in the Netherlands and Belgium, and sometimes far beyond.

While we recognise that we can’t solve all of the problems in our world, we can still do our share, though small it may seem, to improve the quality of food and, thus the quality of life of millions of consumers, each and every day. A wonderful mission and a great profession in a very dynamic industry. I can say in all immodesty that I am very proud of all the professionals who, for the past 20 years, have passionately done their share to make small improvements in the food industry on behalf of the People in Food Group.

I am also very proud of the third edition of our spectacular PIF magazine. We have developed a taste for it and hope to provide you with useful and entertaining information about our company and developments in the industry.

Until next time, I hope you enjoy the read!



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