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Vitality in the workplace is a major trend these days, not least within the People in Food Group. The importance of sport differs from person to person: Person A wants to combine a career in sport – maybe even professionally – with a good job, Person B mainly gets enjoyment out of playing sports with other people, without pressure. For whatever reason: employees need to be able to channel their interest in sport.

Better performance in life and at work

Playing sport generates positive energy, and this transfers to the workplace too. Making sport a part of life not only improves our physical condition but also our cognitive performance. It can also make us more enthusiastic, stress-resistant and energetic. So it has many benefits. This is why the People in Food Group likes to promote sporting activities.

Sports committee

The sports committee of the People in Food Group represents the interests of employees engaged in sports. The committee was established in September 2016 by a group of sports enthusiasts, and organises sports activities for employees in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

The sports committee works on behalf of each individual, whatever their sporting ability. Activities range from daily activities to brief competitions. Why not be inspired, for example, by:



The sports committee arranges registration for the NN Marathon in Rotterdam, the Antwerp 10 Miles and the Singelloop Breda. A personal training programme is arranged for every employee who takes part.



There is a variety of cycling clinics and tours. These include the mountain bike clinic in the National Park ‘De Loonse en Drunense duinen.’

Ice skating


The programme also includes ice skating clinics. Recently athlete Robert van Dalen held a clinic at the Ireen Wüst ice rink in Tilburg. Participants were given tips on improving their stamina and skating posture.

Independent initiatives


Sports activities are also organised on the initiative of employees, for instance a dodgeball tournament or an afternoon’s wall climbing.

Ride for the Roses: standing up to cancer


On 3 September 2017 around 10,000 keen cyclists got together in a sporty and enjoyable way to help the fight against cancer. The result? Many happy faces and donations of about 675,000 euros to the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF).


Karin Kortman, account manager at Quality Software Company (QSC), took part for the ninth time. Her face lights up as soon as she starts to talk about the Ride for the Roses. “For me, cycling is pure freedom, it means I’m alive. After my own fight against cancer, I got on the bike in 2008. The 25 km I did back then were harder than the 100 km that I’ve cycled this month. But I did it. The feeling of success and companionship that you get on a day like this is warm and wonderful. Everyone knows: things might change tomorrow.”

Sport is important to Karin.



She puts in at least four hours a week on her racer or mountain bike. Karin says, “I exercise for two reasons. Sport makes you happy because of the hormones it generates, that’s been proven. And of course it’s healthy. Not just for me but for everyone. I want to motivate the people around me, in the workplace too. As a member of the KTBA sports committee I try to inspire colleagues to play sport. There’s something for everyone. I feel so fortunate on the bicycle. I like to pass this feeling on to others, in some form or another.”


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