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Adri Boom

Interim Quality Control Manager

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Shaling Lam

Office management

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Adri Boom


plenty of work and life experience / creative / loves making music / helpful


With over 30 years’ experience in the food industry, I have dealt with a lot of challenges. While my work was operational initially, over the past few years I have been focusing on quality assurance.

KTBA has to deal with a large variety of assignments, and my favourite ones are the interim ones. I can put my broad experience to good use: building bridges between people and departments, tackling problems together. After all, realising real solutions is all about people. Certificates, systems, software, knowledge and skills are just tools. At KTBA we have the best systems and resources and the right people. It is a challenge to get the best out of each day.

Olfi Prevoo


curious / eager / exact / driven / creative


The best thing about my job is thinking along with the customer. Together we create the perfect label. I am trained as a food technologist and can apply my labelling and product knowledge to my job. I hope that my colleagues and I will be able to help many customers solve their labelling conundrums over the coming years!

Shaling Lam


spontaneous / driven / foodle / multitasker / travel


As Office Management Assistant, it is important that I make sure everything at the office runs smoothly. My supporting role is a combination of administrative, secretarial and facility-related tasks. I keep an eye on KTBA’s “home base” and keep it going. I maintain an overview and set priorities, which is very important when you consider how many different tasks we have to carry out. The appreciation I receive for my work keeps me committed. Work that is never boring, because every day is different.


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