‘I am allowed to do what I am good at:
raising people up to a higher level.’

Interview with Michiel Hulshof, business unit manager KTBA People in Food

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KTBA recently took on a new Business Unit Manager: Michiel Hulshof, an avid hockey player and winter sports enthusiast, who is also involved in the community. In March, Michiel took charge of a business unit of eighty consultants, coaching them so he can get the most out of them and they can get the most out of themselves.

Community involvement has always been part of Michiel’s life. While he was at university, Michiel was a member of student body St. Olof and member of the student council, and he is now President of the local “Orange Committee”, which annually organises King’s Day and Remembrance Day. He is also captain of the veteran team and an active member of hockey club Rosmalen. “I think it’s important to be active in the community, and I make sure my children know this.”

After studying Fiscal Economics, Michiel worked successively at the UWV (then still called GAK) and at HR consultancy agency Robidus, where he took 12 years to rise through the ranks from Consultant to Business Line Manager. Michiel attended a coaching programme in 2014. “I wanted to be able to rely on my competences more, not just on the knowledge I gained during my studies.” It turned out that coaching was both his talent and his passion.

This was part of Michiel’s motivation for choosing KTBA. “KTBA translates complex legislation into practical solutions. I’m intrigued by the complex world behind foods. In addition, KTBA offers many opportunities. I am allowed to do what I am good at: raising people up to a higher level.”

As a Business Unit Manager at KTBA he gets plenty of room to make this happen. You could say that Michiel now does with consultants what he did in 2014. “I find coaching highly educated people incredibly interesting. According to the traditional Dutch work method, employees must improve their weaknesses, so everyone is more or less equal. I’m going against the grain; I actually focus on the talents of my consultants. I optimise them.” In practice, this means Michiel has a lot of contact with his consultants. In one-to-one meetings they discuss pitfalls and improvement opportunities. They have set many goals for this year already.

With Michiel on board, KTBA can focus more on what it is good at: making the world’s food safer.


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