Meral Bouwman

“In the future I would like to coach people and help them reach personal targets. So they can reach their full potential.”

Meral Bouwman has been working as Technical Account Manager at Quality Software Company (QSC) since January. After working for herself as a dietician for a while, she started working as a consultant at KTBA in 2014. As Technical Account Manager she is involved in the improvement of the software tool QA Online. She presents QA Online to customers and gives webinars and seminars. Until the age of seventeen, Meral’s life was all about her favourite sport: gymnastics.

“After studying Nutrition and Dietics I decided to start working for myself. I ran my own Dietitians practice (Tr)Eat Right for a year, and I really enjoyed it. Still, I longed for more security. So I decided to look for a permanent job in the food industry. It didn’t take me long to find KTBA.”

“Initially I didn’t really know what the work entailed. Ultimately, being a consultant at sites such as confectionery manufacturer Alldra turned out to be perfect for me. In my new position as Technical Account Manager I support the implementation of the QA Online software tool by QSC. I answer any questions about QA Online and make sure that everyone can get the most out of this tool.”

Meral not only wants to get the best out of QA Online, but also out of herself. She already had this attitude at an early age: she started learning gymnastics at the age of five. It soon became evident that she had talent. Gymnastics sessions turned into a dedicated professional sport. Meral missed many children’s parties and, when she was older, evenings out on the town. With a training regime of 30 hours a week, gymnastics was her number one love during her childhood. Sadly, multiple persistent injuries meant the end of Meral’s gymnastics career. And yet, all had not been for nothing.

“My top sport has taught me never to give up, and to always be one hundred percent committed. And that’s what I bring to KTBA. I don’t settle for half measures and always strive to achieve the best possible result. Otherwise I would not be able to do my work.”

This attitude means that she is not willing to settle at KTBA either.

“In the future I would like to coach people and help them reach personal targets. So they can reach their full potential. Like I did.”


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