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‘Those who don’t honour the fine print aren’t worth the label!’


Dietician / People person / Cooking / Winter sports / Family person


“When I tell people close to me what I do in my new job, I tell them that I, for example, check whether or not a product may be labelled Light. Now that my first weeks at KTBA LabelCompliance have passed, I can say that I have seen how far and how deep the rules and regulations reach with my own eyes! It’s going to be quite an arduous task to work my way through it all, but yes, I’m really looking forward to it!”

‘Quality spoon-fed.’


29 years old / Drenthe / Boyfriend / Son / Animal lover


From a young age, I’ve been hearing my father’s captivating quality stories. We were spoon-fed quality growing up.

I have been working in quality for over five years. After finishing my higher professional education (HBO) Management, Economics and Law I began working at a non-food company and set up a 9001 handbook. Then I began as QA manager food at a traditional prepared meat products company. Here, I gained interesting experiences with BRC, FSSC and the Better Life quality mark.

As Consultant QA at KTBA, I hope to gain even more challenging quality experiences and to work towards optimising quality.


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