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Kaatsheuvel, 20 December – After two years of hard work the time has come: the Riskplaza-regulations have been approved by the Dutch Accreditation Council RvA. Herewith officially recognising Riskplaza as international schedule keeper. Riskplaza is approved for the NEN-AND-ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015; a norm for management systems. This means that Riskplaza may issue an official certificate recognised world-wide.

The certification of management systems forms independent proof that the system complies with a number of strict requirements, in this case set up by Riskplaza. The Dutch Accreditation Council RvA conducted a 12-day audit of Riskplaza, to verify whether the regulations drawn up meet all demands for competent, consistent, and impartial regulations.

More and more companies and consumers appreciate the provenance of foods. An opinion by Riskplaza provides a solution. It ensures uniformity and standardisation of the raw material analysis. Hereby complying with international rules, whereby among other things other stakeholders with branches in multiple countries can take advantage of one general standard that applies to all their branches.

About Riskplaza

Riskplaza provides useful, detailed and up-to-date information on food safety risks of food ingredients. Furthermore, Riskplaza has practical knowledge on possible control measures for these risks. Riskplaza also has a transparent database in which food safety risks are recorded at its disposal. This database prevents food safety risks to be checked twice; an ingredient analysis by Riskplaza counts as final judgement. Companies can show that they find food safety important and are aware of the latest developments by working together with Riskplaza.

For more information please contact Sjoerd Kanters at +31 (0)800 555 8880 or e-mail

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