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Jeroen Sleenhoff

CEO KTBA, a Mérieux NutriSciences Company

Spring fever may be right around the corner. We have practically skipped winter and the crocuses are already in full bloom. With the mild weather, the flower beds are slowly getting a beautiful colour. But maybe I shouldn’t think that far ahead because March can still be full of surprises in terms of weather. We’ll have to wait and see.

We have once again done our best to share valuable information with you. Substantive articles, the trends coming our way, and a customer case.

The customer case is important for me because KTBA has gathered many faithful and loyal customers over the past 25 years. One such customer that goes way back is Bakkerij Fuite. A successful company that believes 100% in our working methods. A true partnership in the food industry, something we usually don’t see much of anymore. Fortunately, this is a good example in which mutual trust and cooperation are important pillars for long-term relationships.

Once again, we are experiencing enormous challenges in the food industry. We are faced with rising costs, staff shortages, and problems with logistics. Fortunately, we can help many customers with our outsourcing formula. In this way, we contribute to solving the capacity problem and reducing costs. To give you a hand, we also share the most important trends and developments in our industry in 2023 in our magazine.

Enjoy reading this magazine!

Jeroen Sleenhoff



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