Importance of labeling within the merchant marketplace

As a trader, you are an entrepreneur who purchases new or existing goods with the intention of reselling them with a profit margin. The merchant profession is one of the oldest professions in the world and is found in all industries. Over the years, however, the market in which traders operate has changed considerably. It is no longer just about the buying and selling of bulk and remaining stock. Nowadays, many products are also produced directly for traders. At the same time, this means that you increasingly have to deal with providing the correct food information in accordance with laws and regulations.
Risks for traders

As a trader, it is therefore essential that you know what your customer’s wants and needs are in order to sell your products in the best possible way. There is generally a lot of money to be made with trading, however, the trader profession can also be classified as a risky profession. Sooner or later, you may face setbacks. Consider the risk that you will be stuck with trades or that you will not be able to dispose of the trades at the expected price. Both very real risks. So a quick turnaround is “key”!

Labeling legislation

Generally speaking, as a trader you do not engage in retailing yourself, but you do have to deal with the Food Information to Consumers Act (Regulation EU 1169/2011). If you place food products on the market, you must ensure that all mandatory information in the national language appears correctly on the product label. This can be done in two ways; overstick the existing product or modify the artwork. Let’s face it, Google Translate is not the best solution in this case. There was no human brain involved here to translate the words/concepts into the right context. A translation agency is also an option, but these experts do not have the necessary knowledge required for a (food) label in a foreign language.

Precisely for these reasons, more and more traders outsource this work to KTBA. Our specialists have the necessary knowledge and experience and offer professional support for your labeling and specification management. This ensures that you receive the correct (sticker) information.

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