Enthusiasm, passion and trust

Bakery Fuite and KTBA, a successful partnership from the very beginning

In 1928 Klaas Fuite started a small village bakery in IJsselmuiden, the Netherlands. Using traditional methods, he made the most delicious breads day in, day out. Today, sons Klaas and Gerard are at the helm. Although the bakery has moved, expanded and modernized, the objective is still the same: to make customers and employees happy. Klaas: “The strength of our company is that we take good care of our people and continuously challenge them. This enables us to make the most beautiful and delicious products time and time again.”

A unique product

Klaas walks through the bakery in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, with a smile from ear to ear. He is visibly proud of the family business and its high-quality products. “Wherever you go, you immediately taste the unique Fuite flavor in our products. For example, our currant buns are special because of the subtle citrus flavor. We try to be innovative and different, without losing sight of the core of the baking profession. Not only the taste is unique; the way we present our products also typifies us. Everyone works with inspiration and uses creativity in a different way. This makes our products “aliveā€. Something is happening. We love to see this, and so do our customers. Customers com specially to us. We share the same passion and ideas. We both choose quality products, which is the main common ground”.

Quality is the basis

In 1996, HACCP became legally required in the Netherlands. From then on, quality became more important than ever before. And guaranteeing it became part of the corporate culture for many. Also at Fuite. “Quality is our number one priority. It is our strength, and we want to stay as close to it as possible. In our opinion, a QA manager can never be responsible for the entire production. We therefore keep quality close to the work floor. Every employee is responsible for the quality of the products and the production process. At the time, we needed help to realize and maintain this vision of quality. We found this help at KTBA”.

Trust and friendship

“We especially noticed a gap between the constantly changing legislation and the knowledge of our employees. We asked our people to ensure quality, but could not keep them up-to-date on changes in standards, laws and regulations in the field of quality assurance. So we needed knowledge and expertise, but most of all we were looking for a company that fits us. We always go by our gut feeling, and that has to be right. Jurgen de Jong, founder of KTBA, was an acquaintance of our family. There was trust in our cooperation right away. He was not only our quality advisor, but also our friend. A special and also effective combination.

Common goal

After Jurgen’s death, the close cooperation continued. With success. “We have been enthusiastically building the same goal for over 25 years now, which creates a bond. Thanks to KTBA we stay connected with our people and with (trends in) quality. A concrete example is that consultants advised us to divide our production into zones and assign a responsible employee for each zone. This creates ownership and works extremely well in practice. Moreover, thanks to handy tricks, production is always clean, orderly and tidy. We often hear this from visitors. Those are the compliments we all do it for”.

Shine at audits

“What we like best about working with KTBA is the flexibility. We may seek advice, ask questions or spar at any time. Moreover, feedback is always presented in a positive way, so that everyone in the company understands what needs to change and is also behind the improvements. The audits are the best moments for us. At that moment we can shine and show that we work full of passion and inspiration. We are convinced that, even with our growth plans, we will pass the audits with flying colors in the future, also thanks to KTBA. A golden tip: don’t focus on what something costs, but on what it produces. In our case, this is a wonderful family business with a level of quality to be proud of.”


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