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The power of project based work

Are you already aware of the benefits around project-based work? KTBA introduced this method to the organization some time ago. We would like to explain what the advantages are, especially for you as a customer. After all, your success is our goal.

The industry is making it visible that quality and food safety are becoming increasingly complex. This complexity requires the knowledge and skills of various disciplines and expertises. As you know, KTBA attaches great value to quality. This also means that we want to complete every assignment down to the last detail. Ultimately, this is what we owe our satisfied customers to. We also strive to score at least an 8 in our satisfaction surveys. Too ambitious? Not at all. We want to provide our customers with the best possible service and advice, and see that we actually achieve this objective. In short, project-based work leads to successful results.

Goede afspraken

Proper agreements

What does project-based work look like in practice? At the start of a project, the customer, the consultant and the project manager are always present. Together they make clear agreements about the desired result, determine the intermediate goals, and fine-tune the planning and evaluation moments. In this way, the expectations are clear to all concerned from the very beginning.

Efficiente Aanpak

Efficient approach

By working in a project-based manner, it is possible to switch effortlessly at various moments. For example, during interim evaluations. Adjustments can be made, scaled up or down where necessary, and/or experts can be added to the team if this benefits the intended result. This is a very efficient approach that allows KTBA to monitor the quality and progress of a project. After all, securing the quality and continuity of projects is the biggest consequence. In different wording, it is the outcome of project-based work. This is also evident from the reactions of our customers. They indicate a higher level of satisfaction after this form of cooperation.

Korte lijntjes

Short lines of communication

Project-based working offers the customer and ourselves better insight. Agreements are recorded and clear, expectations of all involved are aligned, the same goal is pursued, and lLast but not least, there is always room for adjustment. Consultations take place at agreed moments and adjustments can be made where necessary, thanks to short lines of communication. Rapid communication ensures that everyone is always informed in good time and stays up to date on the progress of the collaboration. The intended results were achieved and our customers look back on a pleasant collaboration. This is precisely why we have embraced project-based working within KTBA.

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