Be extra vigilant in case of calamaties

The challenges of purchasing and quality departments

Scarcity in the raw materials market creates challenges. Also for the purchasing and quality departments. The objective of the Purchasing Department is to ensure that sufficient raw materials and packaging materials with the right price/quality ratio are delivered on time. For the quality department, it is important that the raw materials and packaging materials are food safe and comply with all laws and regulations.

Raw materials and packaging materials must meet the agreed upon requirements, stated in the specifications. Suppliers must have been assessed and approved for delivery. Risks associated with raw materials and packaging materials must have been identified and, where necessary, control measures introduced. Suppliers, in combination with what they supply, must be reliable and insensitive to fraudulent practices.

However, situations can arise where quick action and/or creative solutions are necessary. Think of a shortage of raw materials and packaging materials due to calamities, of which the current war in Ukraine is a perfect example. It is important that food safety is not compromised and that the risks are properly discussed. Extra alertness is required when it comes to attractive offers, as fraud may be lurking when there is shortage on the market.

Communication and cooperation between the purchasing and quality departments is therefore essential. After all, they are all part of a common objective: to supply food-safe products at all times. Even in times of war it is important to keep a cool head.


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