HACCP training at Proverpakken

HAC…. what?!
Don’t worry, it’s very simple. HACCP stands for ‘Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points’ or a risk assessment for food products.

To eat foods safely, hygiene is obviously super important throughout the production process. As is the control of the raw materials and the logistic process. The HACCP system helps here, because it maps out the risks for each link in the chain and describes how those dangers can be managed.

Proverpakken works with various foodstuffs on a daily basis, so it is important to handle them properly and correctly. Therefore, twice a year, Proverpakken organizes interactive HACCP training sessions for there employees so everyone is well aware of the regulations. How does KTBA proceed? We are more than happy to explain. Time for a look behind the scenes!

Different forms of training

Within Proverpakken, employees have different learning curves. The challenge is to keep a training course fun and interesting for everyone, but also simultaneously accessible. We have come up with a solution for this. We have the training offered in a game form.
Trainer Margot Admiraal of KTBA Training explains: “We offer the training in various forms, for example as a pub quiz or a game of goose board. Variety is key here. After all, a HACCP training course takes three hours and it is difficult to constantly keep the employees’ attention. During the training we alternate between theory and games, which is a good combination! Giving telling examples also works well in these groups. When it comes to making a mess and cleaning up, I always use Disneyland and Amsterdam as examples. In Disneyland it’s very clean and people then automatically keep it that way. In Amsterdam the opposite happens, there’s a lot of garbage on the streets. People then automatically think: a little more won’t matter. It all appeals to the imagination a bit more.”

For everyone

Judith van Beusekom, team leader at Proverpakken, adds, “People do indeed come in here at various levels of expertise. Some are cooperating foremen, others have just learned to speak the Dutch language. This form of training keeps it fun for everyone. What is also nice to see is that they all learn from each other. Some questions are more difficult than others, but everyone complements each other and is willing to help.”

Medewerker proverpakking HACCP training

‘What I like the most is that because of the game format, everyone gets a little competitive.”

All fun!

‍When asked what the employees liked most about the training, they were initially silent. But then it soon followed: “we actually liked everything!” What did they learn? Julius responds: “Everything about microbes, protection and cleaning. But mostly who to inform and how to help yourself and each other.” Margot: “And that’s the most important thing: helping each other and daring to speak to each other!”

Judith says: “What I like most is that the game form makes everyone a bit competitive. Young participants in particular can be quite competitive. An example? Rilana and her team were first at the top, then at the bottom and then they climbed back up again. It’s fascinating to see what kind of dynamics this creates among each other. That’s what it’s aboutwhat we do it for!”


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