We all roll up our sleeves

The bustling food consultancy firm called KTBA, he can’t stop talking about it. About opportunities and challenges, especially about people. “Our strength is our expertise,” says Arjan van Heerde (44), Sales Leader Business Assurance. ‘We can submit any question from the customer to our experts. And if we don’t have an answer for a while, we will look for that one expert within our worldwide organization.’
KTBA continues to expand internationally. What opportunities does this offer?

‘ We open our doors to consultants with ambitions. This is necessary as we roll out our KTBA formula internationally with an office in Denmark and the recent acquisition of an Israeli consultancy firm. I just received an application from Spain for a major producer. We are actively recruiting and have great jobs to offer people. From a few months abroad to shorter supplier audits in the UK or Scandinavia, you name it.’

Your office is growing fast. What is the key to this success?

‘Our expertise is our strength. The advantage of being part of Mérieux NutriSciences is that we have a lot of specialists at our disposal. If a customer question comes up and we don’t have an answer right away, it’s my job to see who we can deploy within KTBA or the Mérieux network. We will now also use an international database to provide insight into which expertise is available where in our organization, which is very efficient.’

What really characterizes the people at KTBA?

‘We are a very professional and dynamic company in which initiative is highly valued. Many smart young people and experienced senior consultants work there. I am sometimes amazed at the class of employees we have, which makes me feel proud. KTBA employees are energetic and driven. They are proactive towards customers, show decisiveness and do not mince words. After all, honesty breeds trust.’

Talk about driven. What can you tell about your own drive?

‘A lot is happening at KTBA. We are making huge strides and growing rapidly. I like the dynamics and versatility of my profession. I like to work with people and that works very well within KTBA. We are open to each other and all roll up our sleeves. We laugh together and do not shy away from intensive sparring. I think the best thing is that we are all working towards the same goal and are successful in it.’

What has been your greatest insight during your career?

‘’In the last three years I have mainly learned that entrepreneurship is a matter of trial and error. A true learning process that takes you so much further. You just have to act and dare. Do it, even if you don’t know how yet. Watch what happens and then you’ll see further. There is a solution for everything. This, in combination with the beautiful customer relationships, gives me a lot of personal satisfaction. Customers are not just customers. They are partners with whom you enter into lasting relationships in order to help them further.’

Coaching & Advice

Arjan van Heerde
Sales leader Business Assurance

If you would like to know more about the possibilities of Business Assurance for your company, KTBA can provide you with further information and coaching.

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