Growing with the digital age

The transformation of training solutions

By: Aldo Rus

Nothing is the same and going back to the old normal seems like a utopia. The pandemic caused a lot of working from home, keeping distance and caution for health reasons. In the training world, this logically means that digital training is taking place much more often, even when it comes to specific training for specialists. This development will continue and KTBA is fully prepared for that.

For KTBA Training this, of course, has consequences. Trainings via MC teams will be abundant. Not a problem, because the trainer now has perfectly mastered keeping the attention of the participants, including digitally. For example, by addressing trainees 1 on 1. By using break-out rooms. By raising a digital hand every now and then to stimulate and compliment trainees. These are all successful in our digital age. And the best part is that KTBA Training is ready for that!

Knowledge, awareness and motivation
Food safety culture is a topic that has received increasing attention in recent years. The general awareness of everyone involved in food production has grown enormously. There is now awareness that the proactive prevention of dangers must be a joint effort. The training of all staff to provide insight into the management measures and how they are arranged, is becoming a useful tool. It makes for more knowledge, awareness and motivation. KTBA Training is perfectly aware of this and adapts different working methods to activate personnel.

Retraining, educating and broadening
The shortage of quality managers and the wider role that QA managers within the industry play is a trend that we see around us in abundance. KTBA Training can solve the problems that play an important role here. Retraining and educating future quality managers is a challenge that we take up in any case . We will also be expanding our range of training courses in order to train specialists even better in the coming year. This includes training in the field of sustainability and safety; two subjects that the quality manager has to deal with more and more.

Points of attention for the future
You understand that we can do a lot for your people. Our points for attention for the future are therefore blended and digital training, plus more attention for the motivation and involvement of your employees. We also provide training so you can deploy returning and starting quality managers quickly and so that your Quality Manager is able to also assist with a broad range of issues. This includes facilitating the continuity and enhancing your company. Our experts are at your service and contribute optimally to the success of your company. Feel free to contact us.

Last but not least, I wish you a very good and healthy 2022!

Aldo Rus
Productmanager opleiding en training van KTBA Training

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