‘Start of a great year with the all the best for your company’

Jeroen Sleenhoff

European Director Expert Services

I am proud to inform you that KTBA has been around for more than 25 years now. This is reflected in our high-end expert services, which have been developed in part by our customers resulting in the way they are now. Think of all common issues within consultancy, training, labeling, auditing and online services that can be solved for you with a presence in 27 countries worldwide.


In this edition we look at recent developments, the current offer and the future for each service. Central to this is how we join forces within the global network and are prepared down to the last detail for what is to come. We do this with full passion and conviction. After all, our international network brings with it an unprecedented portion of expertise, characterized by determination and decisiveness from the entire organization. This means we can always provide you with the highest level of specialist knowledge.

As Director Expert Services Europe I can only be proud of all these developments. This enables us to be a full-service food safety supplier for you in the entire chain of the food industry. I am therefore very much looking forward to many growth opportunities for a future in which we will be delighted to include our customers, employees and suppliers.’

With kind regards,

Jeroen Sleenhoff



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