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Perfect tailor-made auditing

Audits! Each QA manager knows the phenomenon. Every food company will have to deal with them multiple times per year. In a few days, your entire company will be turned upside down and you will be left with a laundry list of action points. KTBA appears to be very adept at this sport.

Food producers have to guarantee the quality and food safety of the products and raw materials play a crucial role in this. The production companies want to be able to compare the performance and reliability of the suppliers. For this they rely on one partner with a number of auditors and experts to ensure that all shall be assessed using the same yardstick.


KTBA has started performing audits since 2020; more specifically supplier audits or second party audits. But why add another audit to the long list? The answer is very simple. International companies are the requesting party to take suppliers to a higher level. KTBA and Mérieux NutriSciences are the perfect partner due to their global presence and long experience.

Complete program

Our approach is unique because it does not stop at just checking. KTBA goes one step further with this service. The intention is to tackle the action points together with the supplier after an audit, so that quality and food safety are raised to a higher level. For this, more than 100 auditors are available in the different continents. Each auditor has enjoyed a basic lead auditor training, supplemented with specific industry expertise and years of experience. Together with the GFSI insights and experiences of MXNS USA, we offer a complete program for every type of business.

Trends and points of attention

The results and reports are completely tailored to the customer and adapted to his needs and wishes. Because of this relevant topics are featured. In clear reports, trends and action points are quickly visible. This ensures that the correct focus can be applied where necessary.

Beautiful collaborations

In addition to auditors, the experts of KTBA are also senior consultants. Not only do they guide companies on a strategic and tactical level, but they also set out QA policies for the coming years. This keeps them in touch with the subject matter, so that they can continue to link theory to practice before, during, and after an audit. The daily trends we see from KTBA and Mérieuxare included in these tasks to ensure we are always one step ahead of the competition. This results in beautiful collaborations.We currently carry out weekly audits for major players in the market and we traverse various countries in Europe to contribute our bit with our knowledge and experience. For ‘Better Food, Better Health and a Better World!”

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