In the interest of employees

You wouldn’t want that

By: Henk van de Kemp

Work accidents: you as an employer would do everything you can to prevent them and yet they still occur more than once in the workplace, because the reported occupational accidents don’t lie. The ISZW examines them every year. They also did that in 2020.

Two risks stand out from this recent study. These are the same risks that we often encounter with our customers working with machines, of which falls from heights are the most common accidents.


But first, some hard numbers: last year, 3,655 work accidents were reported to the inspectorate. No fewer than 54 employees have died as a result of such a work-related accident. Quite shocking, especially because we live under the assumption that in 2021 the workplaces in our country are safe. But the reality shows otherwise. Relatively, many accidents take place in small businesses and usually in the industrial sector. The victims are relatively often temporary workers.


ISZW has analysed the accidents and the data on work risk managment and concluded that progress could be made with preventing accidents. We also see this opportunity with our customers, because risks are often not recognised or people even accept a risk. You wouldn’t want those possible consequences for staff. Fortunately, we see that more and more customers are proactively engaged and have already taken good measures to address the risks. Awareness on the possible consequences of an industrial accident is the first course of action.


How do you prevent industrial accidents like this? The accident analysis mentioned above shows that the cataloguing of hazards is the basis for taking action. The first thing you need to know is that these kinds of risks in the workplace are a real presence. Next, appropriate measures should be taken to remove risks at the source or to limit them as much as possible. This includes, for example, shielding machines or placing a tilting gate on the opening of the mezzanine. There are of course many more measures that can be devised. It is important that the prevention of industrial accidents starts with the employer. He is the one who is responsible, and therefore also makes safe choices for his employees. These choices are included in the total plan of approach by KTBA, an expert in this field.


Food safety concerns not only the safety of food, but also the working environment in which food is produced, processed or packaged. In the interests of employees. This is exactly our area of expertise.



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